Equipment Evaluation and Performance Audit (EEPA)

Circonix Technologies offers a wide range of engineering and design services for paper, film and foil manufacturing and processing facilities. Among these services is the Equipment Evaluation and Performance Audit (EEPA). EEPA has been designed to:

  • Look at the critical areas that affect machine effectiveness
  • Help the user determine the best course of action to enhance the performance of the production equipment

The process is collaborative in nature, engaging the customer’s internal resources in the problem solving process used to evaluate the processing equipment. The result is a comprehensive report detailing the necessary course of action for machine performance enhancement.

The Process

Ultimately, the EEPA ends with a detailed report of system recommendations. This report may be used as the basis for a process improvement plan, capital improvement project or solicitation of quotes from suppliers. If Circonix Technologies is chosen as a supplier, the cost of the EEPA will be credited back to the cost of the project.

There are four fundamental elements that are critical to the generation of the final report:

  • Interviews
  • Process Review
  • Data Capture
  • Evaluation

Interviews consist of pre-visit and on site interviews with operations, engineering and maintenance to solicit feedback on areas of concern and gain knowledge from practical experience with the equipment. This information helps refine the course of action to be taken while performing the audit.

Process review is multi-faceted and consists of ascertaining a full understanding of how the equipment is operated, process parameters and restrictions and also entails independent observation by the Circonix Technologies Audit professional.

The two preceding steps isolate the primary process areas for measurement and data capture. Test and measurement equipment is put in place to capture process events. Equipment includes but is not limited to:

EEPA Data Capture

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  • Chart Recorders
  • Multi – Trace High Speed Oscilloscopes
  • High Speed Video Equipment
  • Data Logging Equipment

The final step is the evaluation. All the data acquired through interviews, process review, and data logging is evaluated for trends, deviations and cause and effect relationships that point to conclusive recommendations that are ultimately detailed in the final report.

If you would like explore an EEPA for your equipment, contact your local Circonix Technologies representative.