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The System

Circonix Technologies’ SplicePro splicing solution was developed to answer the challenges faced by many converters with Flying Splice Unwinds such as tail length consistency, repeatability and reliability. The solution is based on a combination of PLC based hardware and software algorithms designed to provide predictive and user selectable tail length control up to 5000 FPM (1525 MPM).

SplicePro is the result of decades of converting experience and integrates all aspects of the mechanical and electrical systems within the Flying Splice Unwind. If you are experiencing problems, Circonix Technologies splicing experts will come to your facility to evaluate your system*. The result is a detailed recommendation report to improve your process and correct some of the most common problems caused by flying splice problems such as:

  • Inconsistent tail lengths (too long – too short)
  • Missed splices
  • Splice tear-apart during transport in machine
  • Significant scrap or low quality product at the coater
  • Web breaks or web walking
  • Tension instabilities during splice and during splice transport in the machine

*Ask about Circonix Technologies EEPA (Equipment Evaluation and Performance Audit)

The Solution – How Does it Work?

SplicePro is comprised of an open architecture solution and state of the art software algorithms to control splicing. Of course, the mechanical systems must be sound as well and this is what makes Circonix Technologies unique. Circonix Technologies has on staff, mechanical design experts with the required converting expertise to provide the customer not only with a control solution but also a complete electrical and mechanical package. The system is designed to compensate for:

  • Machine geometry
  • Line speed
  • Mechanical system delays
  • Roll diameters to perform a splice at a user entered tail-length

Additionally, SplicePro employs splice tracking software to provide the required process reactions to minimize lost material or eliminate web brakes. Built into the splice tracking functionality is the Circonix Technologies SSC (Splice to Splice Coordination) feature.

SSC provides the user with the ability to select from a range of roll production flexibility options including:

  • Unwind Splice = Rewind Transfer – Roll to Roll
  • Selectable unwind splice out length
  • Selectable rewind transfer length
  • Operator selectable production coordination between the unwind and rewind
  • For laminating lines, coordination with incoming roll.
  • Selectable splice location on the rewind. (e.g. first wrap on new roll, last wrap on complete roll)

SplicePro™features include but are not limited to:

  • Splice jumping at coater
  • Splice jumping at laminators
  • Treater section compensation (on/off)
  • Safety interlocks as required by process
  • SSC Software Algorithms

This is critically important in maintaining the integrity of the splice in downstream processes. The system is accurate up to 1”/1000 FPM(300 MPM) based on a stable and well tuned electrical and mechanical system. The system is field proven to 5000 FPM (1525 MPM).

Splice at 3000 FPM (915 MPM) (click to enlarge)

Features and Benefits at a Glance

Predictive Tail Length Control Accuracy 1” per 1000 FPM (300 MPM)
Mechanical System Compensation
Operator Selectable Tail Length
Production Proven Reliability
Field Proven Maximum Speed Range 5000 FPM (1525 MPM)
Mechanical Upgrade Service Offering
Equipment Evaluation and Performance Audit Program
Splice Tracking Through Machine Transport
Reduced Scrap or Sub-specification Product
Roll Diameter Compensation
Safety Interlock Signals
SSC Software Algorithms