Systems Engineering

Integrated systems engineering is the hallmark of Circonix Technologies. When buying a system, not only do you receive the most technically advanced components and engineering, but you get the process knowledge behind the system that results in an efficient design with short delivery and minimal commissioning time.

Throughout the course of a project, our process know-how becomes evident through:

  • Insightful observations about your process and equipment
  • Intuitive layout of the operator interface
  • Efficiently engineered designs

Ultimately, it is in the installation and commissioning, where the Circonix Technologies experience and expertise shine through. It is here where our team performs the start-up and commissioning services, correctly and, most importantly, on schedule!

Our commitment to the customer does not end with the commissioning and final sign off of the project. With our Pro Care service and support program, you can rest assured that a Circonix Technologies professional is always standing behind your system.

A system from Circonix Technologies not only brings you leading edge drives and controls, but also the process expertise that will help you through the life of the project and beyond.