Web Handling

Circonix Technologies has had a long history of providing integrated coordinated drive solutions for the continuous-web handling industry. Our comprehensive web handling experience ranges across a broad spectrum of web handling equipment and processes including:

  • Cast Film and Sheet Fed Extrusion Processes
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Paper, Paperboard and Multi-wall Bag Production
  • Rotogravure Presses
  • Flexo presses
  • Slitter/Rewinds
  • Laminating and Coating Machines
  • Metallizing Equipment
  • Die Coating and Hot Melt Lines
  • Barrier Films
  • Lacquering Lines

Additionally our experience with all matter of substrates such as films, paper, tissue, non-woven, foils, liners and the like provide you with the specific experience required for your application.

If you are looking for the source for Coordinated Drive Systems, controls and HMI solutions for the web handling market, Circonix Technologies is the standard.